We loved working with Andrew and were very satisfied. He has a great personality, was very flexible, and immediately understood what we were looking for.

Juan & Daniela

We were very satisfied with Andrew and greatly appreciated his honesty. Andrew always responded very quickly and was there to help with anything.

Daniel & Sara

Andrew has a very likeable personality and he is easy to get along with. Any questions I had, he answered and did not confuse me with technology. I have already referred 2 of my neighbors to Andrew.

Donna R.

Andrew was very helpful and accommodating. We feel if we needed help, we could still call him. There is no need to improve the service. We were very satisfied and thank Andrew for taking care of us.

Whitney & Justin

This was our first purchase. Andrew did an excellent job. He was so patient and kind. It was a pleasure working with Andrew, and we are very happy with our new home!

Zach & Rachel

We were very satisfied with the process of selling our home. Andrew went above and beyond, listened to all of our questions, and was flexible to our needs. We have only one suggestion to improve your services-Clone Andrew!!

Juan & Daniela

We worked with Andrew previously. He is very personable and was in constant contact throughout the transaction. We were very satisfied with the service Andrew provided. Another huge thanks to Andrew!!

Joe & Nicole

I was very satisfied with this experience. I have bought 5 homes and sold 2 over the years. Andrew did an excellent job and I would recommend him to anyone that needs a realtor!

Mary H.

Andrew was referred to me by one of my family members. I was very satisfied and would definitely recommend Andrew in the future!

Patricia K.

We were paired with Andrew through Bayer relocation. This transaction could not have been better! Andrew was very interested in our needs and he knew a lot about construction. We were so pleased and there is nothing that needs to be improved. Thanks for being kind and patient with our first purchase!!

Esteban & Piera

We were very satisfied! It was clear that Andrew was working in our best interest. He put in a lot of effort to help us make the right decision in our relocation to St. Louis. We have bought 6 homes and sold 5 so we are very familiar with the process. Andrew did a fantastic job!!

Eric & Debra

I was very satisfied with Andrew and he was extremely helpful. He went above and beyond my expectations. I would definitely recommend Andrew if someone needed a Realtor.


We greatly appreciated working with Andrew and we wish him continued success in his work. He is the BEST!! Keep up the good work and there is no room for improvement.

N. Davis

Your service was over the top! Our experience on our first home, with another company, was a nightmare! We did not understand the paperwork and no one explained anything! Andrew explained everything and was always available to answer our questions. We have not bought a home in over 15 years. Keep doing what you are doing. Moving is very stressful and Andrew was able to eliminate some of the stress. Thank you for helping us find our dream home! Without you we would not be here!

Brian & Celia

Andrew was patient and kind. He also understood the time crunch we were in, and was looking out for our best interest. We were treated as people and not just another number!

Dean & Shawna

This was the first home we have ever purchased. Andrew was extremely helpful! We were very satisfied and have no suggestions for improvement.

Carrie & Samuel

My house sold very quickly and Andrew was very knowledgeable regarding this process. I was very satisfied!! Your services were the best by far!


Andrew is honest, courteous, and always available. We have bought 2 homes and sold 1 previously. Your company's services were better overall than any previous realtor we used.

George & Richard

Andrew was part of our relocation package. He is so friendly and informative and willing to show us new houses on the spot. His knowledge of realistic ways to improve older houses was so valuable. Thank you Andrew for all of your help!!

Dustin & Cecelia

Andrew was assigned to us through our corporate relocation service. He was so nice and helpful throughout the buying process. We appreciate all of the great support that made this the best experience!

Vanessa & Jhonathan

Andrew was assigned to us as part of our relocation package. He is the best agent that I have every worked with. We have bought 4 homes and sold 3 previously. Andrew was always available, even on weekends! I'm very pleased that Andrew was our agent.

Steven & Naomi

Andrew provided great service. He was attentive and always available for questions. He is very good at communicating. We were very satisfied with the entire experience.

Joe & Nicole

Andrew really understood what was important to us. We really appreciated his insight as we chose all of the finishes for our new home. That was a huge help!

Nathan & Andrea

Andrew was friendly and went WAY above & beyond to help us as new buyers. All around an amazing experience! Thank you so much for helping us through this process with your patience, kindness, and trust. We hope to work with Andrew again!

Brett & Danielle

Andrew was definitely working in our best interest! We were very satisfied with your company's service. We have no suggestions for improvement and we have bought 4 and sold 3 homes over the years. We were very pleased with the entire transaction and will be recommending Andrew in the future!

Steven & Jennifer

I was referred to Andrew by my friend who is a retired realtor. Andrew was friendly and answered all of my questions. I was very satisfied. The final question on the survey is how can we improve our services? My response to that is, how do you improve wonderful?

Donna R.